God creates them and Gorrín brings them together: the emblematic chavistas and opponents who received money from the embezzlement to the country (+Docs)

The Digger had access to exclusive documents that collect more than 800 movements between the bank accounts controlled by Raúl Gorrín and individuals and companies linked to both opposition political sectors and officials of the Chavez regime. Know the mechanism he used and who benefited from these operations, the defendant today in the Southern District Court of the State of Florida for conspiring to launder money and corruption.

By: Fiorella Perfetto

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Expert sources in financial intelligence explained to The Digger how Raúl Gorrín and his partners – businessmen, Chavez officials and even members of the opposition – constituted dozens of companies and used what is known as investment banks or “second-tier” banks. establish a complex structure that still operates on the Venezuelan exchange market.

His prognosis could not be less encouraging. “It is almost impossible to unravel these networks, it will take a long time to dismantle them and with it the control of change. That’s why the country’s international reserves disappeared. “

The banking movements that The Digger tracked from this leak, took place between May 2011 and April 2013, in a first package of documents leaked to this medium. In this installment, only the first threads of a network of dimensions never seen before will be known. Dozens of paper companies, prestigious Venezuelan companies and other latitudes, relatives and members of high-level Chavez officials and opposition politicians were depositories of the money coming from a scam articulated with surgical precision between Raúl Gorrín and his associates.

In spite of the gigantic mass of money that mobilized these operations, it is a small group of individuals and societies, some with a real operations framework, that Gorrín together with accomplices within the Chavez regime like the ex-national treasurer Alejandro Andrade, today convicted and about to spend a decade behind bars in the United States, entrepreneurs with a long tradition in the country and politicians, created to devour the coffers of the Nation through the assault on the exchange system imposed by the late President Hugo Chávez.

Even though today we talk about Raúl Gorrín and other actors, the origin of the “mechanism” (in reference to the Brazilian production that tells how the powerful of this country raised a corruption network known as Lavajato that even touched the presidential chair) is a little before, between 2004 and 2007, according to this filtering.

By that time, a highly articulated mechanism for seizing foreign currency had been established in the country, promoted by the then Minister for Finance, Tobías Nóbrega, through what became known as structured notes. At that time, Alejandro Andrade became the almighty financier of the late President Hugo Chávez, holding three positions of immense importance and accessibility to state monies: the National Treasury Office, the presidency of the Economic and Social Development Bank of Venezuela (Bandes) and the vice-ministry of Financial Management of the Ministry for Finance.

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The source tells that during that period, the investment in Argentine bonds (operations for which it is indicated in the investigations known as the route of the K money that the Office of the Prosecutor of this country makes to the deceased President Hugo Chávez and also the former president of Argentina Néstor Kirchner had received bribes for these operations), were excessive, for which the National Development Fund (Fonden) following the instructions of the Ministry for Finance, and accumulated for 2006 more than 6,200 million dollars.

That is why the conversion into fresh money of these bonds was urgently required, for which the well-known “structured notes” that were offered by the international investment banks sold through brokers were instrumented and thus also achieve the decrease of the value of the dollar.

Weekly these bond packages – which would also include Ecuadorian papers – were sold to Venezuelan banks, and in the process large amounts of money were earned because of the exchange differential. Nelson Merentes in charge of the Finance portfolio made the direct award, without formalizing the auctions, while Alejandro Andrade accelerated the process and played with the allocation, purchase and sale of the papers, according to an expert source on the subject.

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Remember this source as a detail to take into account, that the largest number of awards were granted to small and medium Venezuelan banks. Some violated the equity investment limit of 30%, even exceeding 400% of their capital in these papers.

The superintendent banking organ, Sudeban, learned about these irregularities in mid-2007 but it was in May 2008 when the banks were forced to sell these notes in 90 days, operations that were challenged by the Comptroller General of the Republic. These movements left profits close to half a billion dollars, with which Alejandro Andrade and Rafael Isea (Minister of Finance in 2008) received millionaire commissions as a reward for the allocations. With each operation, Andrade was weaving an immense network of contacts with bankers and brokers for what would be the final assault on public money and the exchange system.

From these winds came the storm. In 2010 the banking crisis exploded and with it the departure of Andrade, at least formally, from public office, but not from the control within the National Treasury Office, which continued operating under his designs – and his superiors and partners – now under the figure of Claudia Díaz Guillén, former nurse of the late President Hugo Chávez, who is requested by the US and Venezuelan courts. The latter requested her extradition to Spain, where she is facing a measure of parole after appealing the decision of October 26, in which the Spanish National Court approved her extradition.

The Digger learned that closing 2010, Andrade ordered Díaz Guillén to carry out a swap transaction of securities with Treasury bills from the United Kingdom for a counter value of 100 million dollars in favor of Tucker Trade Corp. The countervalue honored at the rate of the dollar set by the Central Bank of Venezuela in the Sitme was paid in accounts of companies in Banplus Bank and Banco Industrial de Venezuela.

This operation was repeated uninterruptedly, weekly, since the first week of June 2011, and in 2012 the volumes of money handled in these operations increased much more, from which the Andrade group and its partners took over the exchange market, generating hundreds of movements between companies created by these to launder capital and transactions with Venezuelan companies operating in the country, but also those belonging to partners and friends. The money also had as destiny individualities of the political and social world of the country, records that will be broken down for this report.

Dozens of bank movements turned on the alarms, but there was silence
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And then, Gorrin joined them

It is during this acquisition of United Kingdom Treasury bonds that the current owner of Globovisión begins to operate with its companies. The papers were issued in sterling and that money obtained in English currency was sold to the Swiss banks and thus the conspirators obtained the necessary dollars to place them in the parallel market, logically at a much higher price and thus obtain extraordinary profits for the differential. exchange

These operations generated speculation in the foreign exchange market and triggered the value of the US currency in the only one to which citizens and Venezuelan companies could go, beyond Cadivi and Sitme, only reserved for privileged people. Of course, this maneuver would not have been possible without the necessary conspirator: Alejandro Andrade at the head of the National Treasury Office and his accomplices within this entity and in the government’s economic portfolios.

Then, as said, the sale of these bonds from the United Kingdom was made to the companies controlled by Raúl Gorrín and its partners. These companies, as reflected in the leaked bank documents to The Digger  are Bellsite Overseas, SA, a firm that owns an account in the Swiss bank HSBC and its agent is Raúl Gorrín , which, according to a source consulted for this work, would be handled with Mariano Aveledo who would be the proxy of it.

One of the banking movements made from the accounts controlled by Gorrín

Two other companies are Mahogany Commercial SA and Vineyard Ventures, with accounts in another Swiss bank called EFG . There is Gustavo Perdomo Rosales, Gorrín’s main partner who acts as attorney-in-fact and the only firm in sight of these bank accounts.

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Once the mass of American money was placed on the parallel market, the group’s “clients” acquired the dollars at a much higher rate than the debt owed to the National Treasury Office for the purchase of these bonds. The buyers in the parallel market made their deposits in bolivars in at least a dozen bank accounts belonging to six companies controlled by Gorrin and its partners.

Banco Industrial de Venezuela and Banplus were the Venezuelan entities that received the millionaire deposits in bolivars from the sale of dollars in the parallel market. According to the leaked documents, it was on October 21, 2009 that the citizens Janiny Coromoto Rangel, Nelson Enrique Meneses Francheschi and Ramon Arnoldo Araguainamo Buriel, registered before the Second Mercantile Registry of the Anzoátegui State, the mercantile companies used for this operation.

All these companies were registered in the presence of Javier Ernesto Francheschi Dávila, second commercial registrar of the Anzoátegui State Judicial District.


Remember also the Cuentas Claras Digital portal that “the authorized signatures in the Venezuelan accounts are those of Nelson Enrique Meneses Franceschi, CI. V-10.276.240, relative of the registrar of the companies and Elizabeth de Goveia, personal assistant of Raúl Gorrín “.

These companies received huge amounts of money in bolivars as a result of the massive exchange operations in the hands exclusively of this group. Such operations generated an alert from the Banplus compliance officer, who notified the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Superintendency of Banks of the irregularity and recommended in his report “a thorough investigation to determine the origin of the funds” with the that these companies were operating.

The millionaires movements with weekly regularity, for high amounts and made by the same people generated a report of Suspicious Operations

Such was the level of earnings, that Gorrín and his partners acquired dozens of goods abroad and in Venezuela, including the Globovisión television plant whose board of directors for May 14, 2013 was made up of well-known names: Juan Domingo Cordero, Leopoldo Castillo , Raúl Gorrín, Gustavo Perdomo, Javier Franceschi and Juan José Ramírez.

The authorities of the Financial Unit raised a report that confirmed “findings of a criminal nature that should be studied by the Public Ministry”, based on the regular periods in which operations were carried out, amounts and the same group of people involved who “made us suspect the existence of economic crimes, in this case of money laundering. “

Once in the hands of the Public Ministry with its respective impulse of a request for investigation, the lawyer José Miguel Medina Sayago, acting as a National 26 prosecutor in matters of common crimes, issues a dismissal in the case in 2012, for not finding elements of conviction that make presume the existence of crimes. Medina closes the case, a fact that was later supported by the 27th control court of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Caracas, in that same year.

The source says that after this performance, Medina Sayago became part of the current Banplus group. On February 12, 2016, he was appointed director of the Drug Unit of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, a portfolio that was in the hands of today’s exile prosecutor Luisa Ortega Díaz.



The accounts that The Digger had access to  belong to Interbursátil Casa de Bolsa (Ibcdb, INC) and were opened in the Swiss bank CBH, which is none other than Compagnie Bancaire Helvetique owned by the Frenchman Charles Henry de Beaumont, known in the Chavist circles. for his diligent assistance in the management of millionaires capital extracted from the coffers of the Nation and strongly linked to the so-called “bolichicos” commanded by an empire raised with money extracted from the Venezuelan state oil company Pdvsa to get millionaires contracts with this and other state agencies ..

The researcher Alek Boyd also reviewed in 2013  , that the US authorities would be mentioning CBH as one of the vehicles used by the American brokerage firm Direct Access Partners (DAP) in its scheme to provide bribes to officials of the Economic Development Bank and Social of Venezuela (Bandes), in which Maria de los Angeles González de Hernández was involved, vice president of this Venezuelan entity and who avoided jail in the United States when assuming her criminal responsibility in this accusation.

In addition to the accounts hosted in this bank, there are other registries in the Swiss entities HSBC Private Bank, EFG, BSI and others in Davos International Bank.

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The banking movements in the CBH by the Panamanian company IBCDB, INC, alter ego of the Venezuelan Inter Bursa Casa de Bolsa, CA and the rest of operations made from May 2011 to April 2013 are close to 3 billion pounds sterling (about 4000 million dollars at current exchange rate), which could generate profits to the conspirators for more than 1500 million dollars. The sudden enrichment of this small group resulted in the beginning of the worst economic and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, when the value of the US currency rose from Bs 12 to Bs 43 per dollar.

This company “is owned by Gorrín, Perdomo and Juan Domingo Cordero,” says the Claras Digital Accounts website, which also recalls that this firm was authorized by Venezuelan financial organizations “to operate in the alternative currency market (SICAD II) in 2014 and in the Marginal System of Currency Simadi in 2015 “.

It is necessary to note that within this large volume of operations there are also Venezuelan companies that were forced to resort to this speculative exchange market to be able to continue operating in the country, very different cases to the dozens of facades companies established in the country and in the country. outside for the purpose of embezzling public monies.

Here brief reviews will be presented containing the identities and contexts of the beneficiaries whose data could be sufficiently corroborated. It is important to clarify that many of the entities that carried out these operations were forced to resort to the speculative market of the dollar because of the restrictions applied by the government in terms of free access to the foreign exchange necessary for production. It is, if you will, the perverse of this mechanism used to launder money resulting from corruption: many innocents ended up being prey to the conspirators.

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This company, which operates in Venezuela, is the exclusive distributor for the country of Rolex and Tudor watches. It is located on the second floor of Paseo El Hatillo shopping center and belongs to the Valero family. In the state of Florida, Exclusividades Vagu, Corp, is represented by Fernando Valero Gutiérrez, but this company was incorporated in the United States in 2015, shortly after the date on which the Venezuelan company received funds in transfers from the Gorrín account. .

Fernando Valero Gutiérrez, representative of the American society is Venezuelan and registered voter of the El Hatillo municipality, but also the company Britestar Worlwide Limited, Corp , in his name would be the owner of a mansion in the exclusive area of ​​Cocoplum, in Miami. The company declares as business address the unit number 619 located at number 465 of Brickell Avenue in this city. According to local media reports from the state of Florida, one of the addresses declared in the public registry of this company would correspond to an office owned by Raúl Gorrín.

So far, it would be another citizen beneficiary of the Gorrín accounts and their partners. However, the name of Fernando Valero Gutiérrez transfers the memory to the tragic event whereby two young people, friends of Raúl Gorrín and according to newspaper reports, of relatives of the Venezuelan presidential couple, lost their lives tragically while practicing parachuting in Higuerote, fact happened last August.

“32-year-old Anibal Dao Pennino, winner of the Mister Latino 2011 and also the son of the former CICPC director, Miguel Dao and Fernando Valero Gutiérrez, 42, a jeweler, collided in the air during a practice,” media gathered from all over the country .

The company that the young man managed during this period received 37.3 million dollars in 11 transfers from the bank accounts controlled by Gorrin and its partners.


Another company whose name reverberates in the archives of the US Treasury Department is Profit Corporation CA, the most solid of the members of the business conglomerate of Samark López, the “business partner” of the former vice president of the Republic Tareck El Aissami, both sanctioned in the United States in February 2017 for alleged links to drug trafficking and terrorism.

The website of the company explains that it was born in 2010 “with the idea of ​​becoming a leading company in the field of Venezuelan energy” and displays the explanation of numerous projects related to PDVSA.

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Profit Corporation received 5.5 million dollars in transfers from the accounts controlled by Gorrin and its partners.

Transfer made in favor of the Profit Corporation account


It is one of the companies denounced in the Comptroller’s commission of the National Assembly linked to Charles Beech who assumed his criminal responsibility in the United States for corruption and money laundering and will be sentenced in March of next year along with Roberto Rincón and the rest of the confess of these crimes.

Your file is filed in the archives of the Southern District of Texas court. Beech controlled a number of companies to obtain contracts with Venezuela’s state oil company PDVSA. Between 2011 and 2012, Beech participated in a conspiracy to pay bribes to PDVSA officials and thus take over business for their companies.

On January 4, 2017, the Department of Justice filed a single account of information in the Southern District of Texas against Beech alleging conspiracy to violate the anti-bribery provisions referred to in the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). According to a Justice Department press release, Beech pleaded guilty, but the plea agreement remains sealed. Beech is scheduled to be sentenced on February 21, 2019.

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Incenter, INC received just in the dates in which it violated the US laws, 12.5 million dollars in two transfers from the accounts controlled by Gorrin and its partners.


Little is known about this society. However, in a copy of the Sexto Poder newspaper published on February 26, 2012, he mentions this company as a supposed victim of the fraud that Francisco Illaramendi and other conspirators executed when embezzling the resources of Pdvsa pensioners, a crime for which he knew the American penitentiary system.

Inversiones Troppo 2138, CA received 1.5 million dollars from the accounts controlled by Gorrin and its partners.

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This entity appears registered in Barbados, on December 21, 2006. Even when the conspirators make an effort to hide their names, cases of corruption continue to come to light in different parts of the world and many of them have their origin in the Bolivarian revolution. . Mantex Investment, LTD, is another protagonist, this time from Ecuador.

In this plot, the conspirators used the name of third parties, innocent of the operation, to open businesses in Ecuador and thus receive funds from Venezuela, derived from fraudulent exports. The money went to accounts in the south of the state of Florida in favor of a group of Venezuelans.

“The systematic fraud bled out the Unitary System of Regional Compensation (Sucre), created in 2008 under the auspices of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, to promote business among the countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA),” the daily said. The Universe in an investigation followed in this country, Venezuela and the United States also covered by Armando.info and El Nuevo Herald.

The report that narrates the events that occurred around 2012, points directly to Luis Guillermo Carmona Salazar, Venezuelan investigated in Ecuador for this fraud.

The Ecuadorian authorities determined that at least eight companies were established under this same method: Ibicampus, Judamai, Lemantec, Megasesorías, Multiregi, Multisun, Produatlas and Yamelcorpsa. “Almost all of them opened accounts in the Cuenca cooperative between April 17 and 18, 2013 and received 57.9 million in less than two months, including payments to Carmona.”

But Carmona did not operate alone. “He arrived in Ecuador in February 2012. Five months earlier he had already bought shares in four companies, along with his partner and compatriot Morris Lemig Sierralta Sucre. In turn, Sierralta owned two additional companies and in one of them was a partner with the also Venezuelan Javier Mezquita Puig. By May 2012, Carmona bought three other companies. Sierralta has five active companies in Miami. In two he is a partner with Mezquita Puig and in two others with his father Miguel Antonio Sierralta. The latter received $ 25,000 from Produatlas. “

This plot is directly related to Mantex Investments, LTD, one of the beneficiaries of Raúl Gorrín’s transfers from his CBH bank account.

After these Venezuelans established the operation in Ecuador, another of conspirators was commissioned to set up mirror companies in Panama. They were Pedro Silva Conde and Gustavo Conde Cabrera.

“They and their company Guadalupe Farms received 4.5 million dollars from a group of Ecuadorian exporters related to another lawsuit for money laundering with irregularities in the Sucre system. Silva Conde and Conde Cabrera belong to the Mantex group of Venezuela, which is dedicated to the construction of shopping centers. The subsidiary Mantex Investments, LTD, received $ 663,000 in Venezuela and Gustavo Conde Delfino, father of Conde Cabrera, 450,000 from Multiregi, “explains the report. “His father, Gustavo Conde Delfino, principal of the Mantex Metróplis board, as well as Mantex Investments Ltd. (Barbados) received 1.1 million from another group of Ecuadorian exporters.”

All are investigated in Ecuador

Mantex Investments, LTD received two million dollars from the accounts controlled by Gorrin and its partners.

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This company belongs to the holding company of Walter Stipa, a business contractor close to the Chavez government and in particular to the figure of former vice president Tareck El Aissami who gave him the remodeling of the Hotel Golf de Maracay and other hotels in the country as the well-known Hotel Humboldt , who stands as a supposed representative of the Marriott chain in Venezuela.

Stipa has a blog in which he wrote a note in which he denies being the owner of Hotel Golf Maracay and clarifies this relationship. “When I refer to the letter to the Marriott Group, it’s simply the company Desarrollos Hotelco, owner of Marriott Hotels in Venezuela and Marriott franchisee. (…) I take advantage of the clarification to announce the opening of Marriott Maracay Hotel & Golf, a project executed with 100% private capital investment (…) The signed contract is an alliance with the Governor of the Aragua State, owner of the property, heritage of the state of Aragua and from Venezuela. The alliance of hotel profits is 70% -30%), he said.

The clarification does not allude, how was the process of granting the contract of this and the rest of operations he has in the country, and it seems that outside Venezuela these omissions has not brought him good things.

His name is present in a number of files in US courts, including one in the District of Columbia for breach of contract by his companies, including Desarrollos Newco 22, another file in the district of Connecticut for issues related to financial actions and even the Department of the Treasury quotes him among his cases for having participated in the gigantic Ponzi scheme by which Francisco Illaramendi knew the prison system of this country. This contractor would have given Stipa 15 million dollars to build a hotel in Aruba and thus launder the dirty money.

This company received 29.6 million dollars in six transfers from the accounts controlled by Raúl Gorrín.

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Transfer made in favor of the Profit Corporation account

This legal entity is registered in the public records of Panama, from November 18, 2009, for which borrowers of names were used and thus hide the true owner of the company. But this group also has a conglomerate of companies incorporated in both Barbados and the United States.

Registry of Aventin, Corp in Panama

Aventin, Corp, appears in the records of Paradise Papers , leaks published by the International Investigative Journalism Consortium. It was constituted on April 30, 2009 and its members are in sight.

Aventin, Corp, incorporated in Barbados

One could allude that both companies, Aventin Group, Corp, which appears as beneficiary of six million dollars from the accounts controlled by Gorrin and its partners and Aventin, Corp, are distinct entities, however, both these and those registered in the United States. United agree on the identities of their representatives.

As owner of Aventin Group , José Ramón Medina Cervoni appears, according to his own record in the social network Linkedin. This Venezuelan also appears as director in Aventin, Corp the company registered in Barbados.

Medina Cervoni also refers in his professional profile to be part of the firm Plaz & Araujo Torres in which the former secretary of the Democratic Unity Table (MUD), Ramón José Medina is a consulting partner and his father. He was also a consultant in the migration of foreign oil companies to the format of joint ventures, through which Pdvsa would control the majority shareholding of the new entities.

The connections extend to Venezuela. Ramón José Medina, former deputy executive secretary of the Democratic Unity Table (MUD) in 2012, when dozens of transactions were made from the accounts controlled by Gorrín to other beneficiaries, would be the director of the firm Aventin Consulting Group, LLC registered in the United States, expert in administrative, accounting, legal and fiscal services, as can be read in its profile in the Poderopedia newspaper website and in the references made in different media about the political leader, among them, for example, the Chamber of Commerce of Nueva Esparta. He is also a consultant consultant for the firm Plaz & Araujo Torres, in which Medina Cervoni was associated until 2006.


Other representatives appear in the registry of this firm in Barbados. Medina Cervoni is accompanied by Andrés Manuel Olivares Miranda, María Margarita Sosa Abascal, Jennifer Wenzelmann Kann, Isabella Henríquez Siso and Arturo Ignacio Siso Sosa, the latter, who is in charge of registering and representing the homonymous firms in the south of the state of Florida.

The cluster (snail companies) incorporated in Florida under the same identity. Arturo Siso figures as his representative.
One of the records of the cluster of Aventin companies


A particular data is striking. Aventin Corp is one of the five representatives (or manager) of a company registered in the United States called Safe Hands Pto, LLC, activated in 2013 and dissolved the following year, in which, in addition to Aventin Corp, the name of Guillermo Zuloaga appears, Martin Capriles and two other entities: Evco Trading, LLC and Zulusi Holdings, LTD the latter a foreign company with jurisdiction in the Bahamas.

Society represented by Aventin, Corp


The company received the transfer on June 7, 2012, in the bank account of Aventin Group, for an amount of six million dollars.

This image has an empty alt attribute;  its file name is 0 * 06P7c0vkdssVTsjV.gif


Poderopedia remembers that this company was incorporated in 1997 and, according to its corporate name, it is dedicated to the import and export of laboratory, computer or electronic equipment. Its president is Elymer Zabala with all the shares and Khaled Khalil Majzoub is its legal representative.

This last name belongs to the owner of a network of companies, including Empaque Venezolano de Bacalao (Eveba). Khaled with his brother Majed have an immense fortune that multiplied in the shadow of the Chavez regime.

Their names have always hovered in the digital centimetraje of the press, but they jumped to the public opinion with more force in the days in which officials of the antinarcotic department of the United States (DEA) captured Efraín Antonio Campo Flores and Francisco Flores de Freitas, nephews of the Venezuelan presidential couple on drug charges in December 2015 when they arrived in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in a private plane that at the time he said belonged to this family.

The plane, which later became known, belonged to Marco Tulio Uzcátegui, had been owned by this family group for what was speculated on with his participation in the drug trafficking operations of the nephews Flores, for which they were sentenced to 18 years in prison. U.S.

“Of the two brothers it is said that the one who has a greater relationship with important figures of the Government is Majed Khalil, among them, the former vice president José Vicente Rangel, the former governor of Anzoátegui, Tarek William Saab, the governor of the Bolívar state, Francisco Rangel Gómez , and the most notable friendship of the wealthy businessman is the one he holds with the president of the National Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, against whom the press raised serious accusations of links with the Cartel de los Soles, after the desertion of his escort, Leamsy Salazar ” , the Diario las Américas reported, referring to those events that occurred in December 2015.

This company received at least two million dollars from the accounts controlled by Gorrin and its partners.


It is another company of the Majzoub family. It was incorporated in Spain and had as sole administrator Khalil Majed Majzoub, for the period in which it received two million dollars from the accounts controlled by Gorrin and its partners. The commercial registration report of Madrid includes another 15 companies that would be related to this company.

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He is presented as a veteran of the equestrian ovals. Ron Sánchez is “a Venezuelan with more than 20 years of experience in the equestrian world, he worked as an economist and financial advisor in his native country before settling in Florida,” reports a specialist in equestrian matters.

The most striking is the name of one of its exemplary champions: social inclusion. Sanchez, according to local media in the south of the state of Florida and confirmed by public records, is none other than Ronald Sanchez, brother of who was the National Superintendent of Securities, Tomás Sánchez, who logically social inclusion has yielded results after establish himself as a horse magnate in the United States.

“In March 2010 the appointment of Tomás Sánchez Rondón-father of Tomás y Ronald-as the new president of the state-owned company, Bolivariana de Seguros y Reaseguros, SA, was formalized in the Official Gazette. He had previously been in charge of the Administration Office of the Ministry of the Environment, in the Superintendency of Banks (Sudeban) and other financial institutions, in addition to having been president of the Insurance Intervenor Board La Previsora. His son Tomás, served as president of the National Securities Commission (CNV) and on August 19, 2010 he became National Superintendent of Securities. “

Despite declaring profits of more than four million dollars since 2000, this year the magic seems to be over. Rontos has only left about $ 32,375 in prizes.

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Rontos received around July 20, 2012, half a million dollars from the accounts controlled by Gorrin and its partners.


In the leaks in the hands of The Digger  appear two transfers in the name of Juan Bravo Labrador. He is the only Venezuelan with such an identity and there are reviews that place him very close to the Chavez regime and the Venezuelan military establishment. Labrador was an advisor to the Ministry for Industry and Commerce.

“With the arrival of the CEO, G / D César Augusto Figueroa Fuentes; accompanied by Admiral Franklin Montplaisier, commanding general of the Navy, economist Juan Ramón Bravo Labrador, adviser to the Ministry of Popular Power for Industry and Commerce and advisor in the insurance area, Rear Adm. Fernando Gutiérrez Goyo, Managing Director of Administration , the General Managers, Directors and Corporate Managers, the beautiful Eucharist began, “reads a press release from the official press about the presence of Bravo Labrador at a political event.

Bravo Labrador received two almost consecutive transfers of half a million dollars, one on June 20, 2012 and the second on the 22nd of that month.


This is Carlos Luis Liendo Angarita, former Prosecutor of the Public Ministry of 47 years and who today exercises independently. He received $ 44,087 on October 2, 2012 from the accounts controlled by Raúl Gorrín and his associates. It promotes in its social networks the law firm Liendo & Terán Defensa Penal, composed of graduates of the Santa María University of which it is a part.

Outside the country, his name appears within the database of Paradise Papers as regent of two companies incorporated in Barbados: Inmoven, Corp and Indigo Millenium, LTD both incorporated on October 15, 2008.


It is Leocenis Manuel García Osorio, now become a politician and the standard-bearer of his own ProCitizens party. He received $ 550,000 on October 6, 2012, a few days before the presidential elections in the country, from the accounts controlled by Raúl Gorrín and his associates.

For the date of the transaction, García managed a polling firm that bore the name of the former newspaper in which he was editor, 6to Poder Datos. It was founded in 2012. The firm gave Hugo Chávez the winner over the opposition candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski for September of that year. At the same time, García denounced corruption in the Venezuelan penal system, for example to the band of “Los Mercantiles”, which according to him, would be a group of judges and lawyers whose modus operandi would be extortion.

Transference made from the accounts controlled by Gorrin

This image has an empty alt attribute;  its file name is 0 * 06P7c0vkdssVTsjV.gif


It is the abbreviation of the identity that received money from Gorrin’s accounts. Oscar Federico Schemel Maldonado, president of the polling firm Hinterlaces and who joined the board of directors of the Globovisión channel, as soon as Raúl Gorrín and his associates took control of the plant in May 2013, he is currently a deputy of the Ordinary National Constituent Assembly, an organ created by Chavez regime to crush the decision spaces of the National Assembly and thus legislate according to the interests of the government.

In the documents to which The Digger had exclusive access,  a transfer was made on October 16, 2012, for $ 300,000 plus the value of the transfer commission, made a week after the victory of the late President Hugo Chávez on his contender. Henrique Capriles Radonski in the presidential elections that took place in the country on October 7 of that year. In November of that year, another $ 300,000 was deposited in favor of Schemel’s accounts.

The question remains as to which of the two, if the president of the polling firm or its vice-president, the economist of the same name, Oscar Federico Schemel Marcano, was the beneficiary of the more than 600,000 dollars received in the two transfers from the bank accounts controlled by Raúl Gorrín .

One of the transfers made in favor of Schemel, in October 2012


She is the 59-year-old Amelis María Figueroa de Dyner and resides in the El Hatillo municipality of the capital city.

The name of Amelis Figueroa jumped into the public arena in April 2016 after the Public Ministry charged the businessman Josmel Velásquez Figueroa and his mother Amelis Figueroa for the commission of the crimes of legitimation of capital and association based on the information contained in the Papers from Panama.

Amelis Figueroa is also the mother of Adrián Velázquez Figueroa who was imputed on that same date but the court granted him precautionary measures despite the request of the prosecutors in the case.

Adrián Velázquez Figueroa, formerly the aide-de-camp of the late President Hugo Chávez, was recently arrested in Spain by Interpol along with his wife Claudia Díaz Guillén, then a nurse of the former Venezuelan president and former treasurer of the Nation.

The Venezuelan received a transfer for $ 30,000 on October 18, 2012 from the bank account controlled by Raúl Gorrín. But his son, Adrián Velázquez, was an active piece in Alejandro Andrade’s movements inside the National Treasury Office, when his wife Díaz Guillén was in charge of this entity.

During that time, Velásquez received about 30 million dollars from the accounts controlled by Gorrín . For these operations the accounts of the other Swiss banks were used and the money was deposited in Invesco Capital Fund, Inc. a partnership of Adrián Velásquez.

That same year the mother of the former aide-de-camp and her husband, Daniel Dyner, acquired a property in the state of Florida valued at 1.5 million dollars.


Despite being a common enough name in Venezuela, an individual with that identity took over the reins of Globovisión with Raúl Gorrín in May 2013. The majority shareholders are Juan Domingo Cordero, Raúl Gorrín and Gustavo Perdomo, while Javier Franceschi , Juan José Ramírez and journalist Leopoldo Castillo took over the company with positions of CEOs.


The only citizen of the country with this name and whose second surname begins with the letter P, is Francisco José Aponte Perdomo. According to the Official Gazette N ° 38439 of May 18, 2006, he was appointed general director of the Operational Unit for the Execution of Projects for the Development of Settlements in Popular Urban Zones.

The beneficiary received a sum close to $ 300,000 according to the bank statements.


businessmen-479631_960_720 (1) .jpg



It is a house of values ​​according to a digital record . It was created on February 27, 2008.

The company was liquidated by the Superintendency of the Securities Market of Panama and ordered the takeover of administrative and operational control of Casa de Valores Blue Numbers Securities, Inc. , effective as of August 23, 2018. This brokerage house received at least the documents held by The Digger 5.25 million dollars.

The society shows name borrowers as representatives in its registries. However, Daniel Iribarren Castillo, who is also linked to a company named Dirserv, INC, has more than 200 companies created in Panama. Iribarren Castillo is Venezuelan and with an open primer in the Panama Papers.

This honor was granted as a courtesy to the filtering of the companies that the Mossack Fonseca law firm helped to establish to divert capital in international money laundering schemes. Iribarren Castillo is the representative of Fogade S, A. company with jurisdiction in the Bahamas and the same name as the Social Protection Fund for Banking Deposits (Fogade).

Fogade SA was incorporated in September 2011 and closed in January 2013, the period in which the network of Raul Gorrín, Alejandro Andrade and its partners operated most strongly.

Iribarren Castillo, a 44-year-old citizen who exercises his vote in El Cafetal, Baruta municipality, had as a partner a neighbor named Iván José Fernández Vásquez who also has his file in Panama Papers and has an address in Pompano Beach in the state of Florida .

Fernandez controlled for the same time four other companies also included in the Panama Papers records : Arlington Comodity Trading Corp, Clear Cap Global Trading, SA, Arlington Foods Panama SA, Fogade, SA and another company called Isvagu Holdings SA All these companies were closed in mid-2013.


This firm, according to the 2017 federal records of the US Treasury Department, owns 75% of the shares of Fivenca Asset Management, LLC. The company registered with the regulator as financial advisers to be able to operate in such a way in the United States.

Fivenca Asset Management, LLC, whose name – and relations – takes it directly to Venezuela, is headquartered in Miami and according to its portal counts “with more than 30 years of experience in financial activity”.

José Luis Cañas Díaz is the visible face of this company and as “indirect owners” is José Gregorio Tineo Nottaro – who is president of Fivenca, Casa de Bolsa in Caracas, vice president of Capital Markets of the Noroco bank and formerly a partner in Multinvest – and a company called Macaria Private Foundation, also owned by FC Consulting.

Tineo is a joint administrator of Macaria Investment Services SI, a firm supposedly dedicated to the purchase of real estate in Madrid , Spain, together with his wife.

The owners of the company, Information from the Treasury Department

FC Consulting CV received more than 58.5 million dollars in transfers from the Gorrín account of Compagnie Bancaire Helvétique bank .

There are numerous movements of money towards this entity

This image has an empty alt attribute;  its file name is 0 * 06P7c0vkdssVTsjV.gif

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This banking entity was incorporated in 1988 in Çuracao, Netherlands Antilles, according to a license granted by the Central Bank of Çuracao (Bank van de Nederlandse Antillen), together with other international banks such as: Interbanco (Guatemala), Banco EXTERIOR (Venezuela), Banco Internacional (Ecuador), International Finance Bank (Miami) and the Inter-American Finance Bank (Peru).

The story behind this entity is well known to Guillermo Fierro, one of the 200 richest in Spain and to whom the institution belongs, as well as the regency of the IF Group, composed of six medium-sized banks: Banbif in Peru, International Finance Bank in Miami, USA, Banco Exterior de Venezuela, Banco Internacional in Ecuador, InterBanco in Guatemala and Ebna Bank.


Company in charge of transport declared José Luis Fassio as president and Alejandro Chumaceiro as vice president of Finance. The address of the offices in El Cafetal, Baruta municipality and another branch in Puerto Ordaz, Bolívar state. The company is in charge of the “handling of raw materials in bulk, with maritime transport operations” and has the CVG Ferrominera del Orinoco as its most important client.

In its portal, it boasts the operational services it has provided to the State. In 2005, “Cargoport Logistics, NV (a branch in the Caribbean) was hired by CVG, Ferrominera Orinoco, CA, to build the Iron Ore Transfer Station (FSTS) Boca Grande II.


Company linked to the Venezuelan factory Alfonso Rivas y Cia, products distributed through this company.

Its constitution was made in 1992 and has Panama jurisdiction. Only the borrowers of names of Alfaro, Ferrer & Ramírez, who also received payments from this account, appear on its registration form.


This company, which started activities in the 90s, forms the Fermetal group together with Fm Power Materiales Eléctricos, CA. There are some old public records of the state of Florida related to Fermetal in which the Harraka family stands as regents of the brand, however, all the companies linked to the group appear inactive in the Opencorporates business database.


It is a company “Venezuelan manufacturer of industrial machinery parts”. In 2011 newspaper records, it was announced the establishment of this company in Puerto Rico with an investment of 1.2 million dollars “to establish an operation in a leased building in the eastern city of Yabucoa, officials of the company and the government announced on Tuesday” .

“The capital of the company comes from Venezuelan businessmen who decided to Invest in Puerto Rico for the guarantees and security provided under the flag of the United States,” said a representative of the island’s government at the time. On the part of the Venezuelan society, the then President Abraham Blumenkranc appeared.

“Industrias GoldPack Inc. is a subsidiary of Grupo BlumenPack, SA, a manufacturer of industrial equipment for bakeries, manufacturers of beverages, water and dairy products, and detergent producers, according to the company’s website. It provides equipment for Clorox, Pepsi, Colgate, Nestlé, Frito Lay, Procter & Gamble, Heinz, Unilever and Bayer throughout Latin America. “

As additional information, this company appears in the old records of Cadivi, being benefited with little more than one million dollars.


Jardine Re International, Inc is a reinsurance agent established on January 16, 1998 in Miami, Florida, by Richard Guillermo Da Silva Jardine. This company offers technical assistance services with reinsurance business placements with reinsurers in the international market. In addition, this firm provides insurance companies with advice in the bond business.


Group formed in Panama and represented by Rolando José Vetencourt Stull who also owns other companies that received funds from Gorrin: Incobay2608 and Multicorp Capital INC. All these companies were opened in January 2012 in this same jurisdiction. Its main partner is Enrique Urdaneta Linares both in these societies and those established in the United States.

There are other companies incorporated in the United States, one of them named Clicck2art, LLC.

It is presented in his Linkedin profile as director of “Aqua Fontana”, a firm that is dedicated to “financial services and consulting, bond clearing house and exchange in the international market”. However the only reference about this company refers to a brand of water purifiers.


This company appears in the files of the Paradise Papers leaks . Its director claims to be Rafael Emilio Vegas, Jose Rafael Vegas, Ilio Ulivi Zingg, Luca Di Abramo, Kin Au Wai and Xia Xiao Yan.

In the striking show of directors of the company based in this tax haven, Rafael Emilio Vegas stands out, who also introduces himself as regent of a company in the state of Florida called VIP Estates, LLC, incorporated in 2009. Other companies would be related: Vip Estates Grovenor, LLC and Vip Estates KB , LLC, Vip Estates Ocean Reef, LLC, Quiwi House, LLC and Students Amq Programs, INC, the latter with registered address in Caracas.

Another of its partners, Abramo Di Luca, who resides in the state of Florida and represents a company in this jurisdiction named Transocean Trade, LLC, also has its personal share in the filtering of companies housed in tax havens, being a partner in a firm named Global Energy Capital Fund, Corp, based in Caracas and other representatives, such as Gabriel Eleazar Armas Garcia, Francisco Javier Tortosa Vilera, Lombardo Paredes Arenas and an intermediary company called MF Consulting, LTD .

The latter would operate from the same headquarters in La Guairita, Caracas and would be the representative of at least 195 companies, almost all of them incorporated in Panama and currently closed. The other partners have, in turn, in this huge skein of ghost companies, a handful of firms to their credit, some with names related to bond sales operations.

In transactions, the Deutsche Bank Trust appears as a correspondent bank. This entity is today the object of a massive investigation by the German authorities on suspicion of having participated in schemes of money laundering and corruption. In fact, in January 2017, they were sentenced to pay 10,000 million dollars for participating in a scheme for money laundering in Russia. On November 29 , its offices were intervened again.


This image has an empty alt attribute;  its file name is 0 * 06P7c0vkdssVTsjV.gif


Digital media reports that this company controlled by Raul Gorrin and its partners was managed by Alejandro Zingg and Heinrich Boelcke before its dissolution . The portal address is not operational but some scraps can still be read.

In these appears Jesus Antonio Echenagucia as a pilot while in another abandoned staff says to have the youngest aircraft in the market. the main address is in Panama, in the Advanced Tower, Ricardo Arias Street, Banking Area, 2nd floor, B office in Panama City, with operational headquarters in West Palm Beach, Curacao, Caracas and Miami.


This group is directly linked to the EPK brand, stores specializing in children’s clothing. According to press reports, the firm is going through turbulence due to a legal dispute between its owners.

“Alejandra Azpúrua de Leret, wife of Patrick Leret, a French investor who has led the firm in the midst of a tough legal dispute with another block of shareholders, involves nothing more and nothing less than the only sister of tycoon Gustavo Cisneros, the architect Marion Cisneros Rendiles, who owns half of the company’s shares, along with her son Alvaro Roche Cisneros. “

The company started operations in 2012, when it received just over one million dollars from the accounts controlled by Gorrin and its partners. then, according to the text, “the lawyers of the company Arquitectura y Diseño Arquimeca, as a shareholder of Grupo Los Principitos (EPK), denounced irregularities in the presentation of their reports and balance sheets to Patrick Roger Leret and Luis Ernesto González, in their capacity as administrators of the company, of which they are also partners with 25% “.

“Arquimeca is a firm whose sole owner, through another company, is Marion Cisneros, a Venezuelan who has a mansion in Madrid and who rubs elbows with Spanish high society, including the Infanta Pilar, paternal aunt of the current Spanish king, Felipe VI. “


It is a company based in the state of Aragua. The names of Miguel Ángel Gesto Santos appear as partners. He is also regent of a company in the state of Florida called Inversiones M & G INC. The company to which his name is linked received more than five million dollars from Raúl Gorrín, according to the documents to which The Digger has had access  .


It is a Venezuelan company that manufactures vehicle interior parts: Floor Carpets, Seats; Door coverings, based in Sucre state. In September 2014, the workers of this company took to the streets to demand the dismissal of 49 of its members. Héctor José Rivero Guillén is the visible face of the company as vice president and more than 33 years linked to this company.


This company linked to a Venezuelan named Franco Stanzione and Pablo Carrillo was created in 2008 and dissolved in 2014 under the jurisdiction of the State of Florida. Other companies appear under the control of Stanzione: Stair Cargo Services, Inc., Fortitude Foods, Llc, Honseki Llc , Fortitude Brands, Fortitude Foods Corp, Technology In Motion, Inc., Stanzione 87, Llc, Carte Blanche Hospitality Llc, Overseas Logistics Corporation and Overseas Logistics Corporation, among others.

Stanzione appears as the representative of a Venezuelan society that bears his name, dedicated, according to his website, to “the integral management of the entire import and export process with international presence and global service through strategic alliances”.

There is a company with the same name but with another legal entity established in Barbados . Only one transfer received seven million dollars from the accounts of Gorrin and its partners.


This company was incorporated in the state of Florida . Juan Francisco Hernandez Bruzual and relatives are the representatives of this society that received from the account controlled by Gorrín just over 1.2 million dollars.

But in his name dozens of established American companies are linked, most of them to acquire properties in this country. However, in the event that Hernández Bruzual is a registrar, there is still doubt as to the destination of the money he received from the defendant in the United States for money laundering and corruption, Raúl Gorrín.

Hernández Bruzual worked for the time as general director of the Royal Cacao Processor and the KKO Real School of Confectionery and Chocolate in Venezuela


This construction company received more than 16 million dollars from Cadivi and at least another two million from the accounts controlled by Raúl Gorrín. This company is a State contractor.

This image has an empty alt attribute;  its file name is 0 * 06P7c0vkdssVTsjV.gif


Zannier is the vice president of the Lara Futbol Club , Venezuelan professional soccer team. This engineer was established as a leader in the business sector of Panama.

“Massimo Zannier, born in Italy and raised in Venezuela, has been developing a large number of industrial, commercial and residential projects for the past 30 years as CEO of the ROCA Group. He founded and is the president of the Industrial Consortium of the Americas (Coinla), “in this country, reviewed local media.

“Coinla is formed by three groups of businessmen: Roca group, Repro group and Shahani group. The Roca Group, to which I belong, has built more than 6,000 houses, five industrial parks, shopping centers and office buildings. Together with the Shahani Group, it has completed more than 15,000 housing units and 510,000 square meters of industrial facilities, “he told The Business Year magazine in a report that dates from 2017. Zannier is also a member of the Association of Free Trade Zones of the Americas.

Altogether, Zannier and Peraza, his partner, received at least five million dollars. They registered a company in the state of Florida named MABEL 751 INC, while Zannier incorporated another company, Barquisimeto 2208, LLC, the latter with his wife.

But the spectrum of most attention is Panama. These together with another partner named Jorge Baduell, you manage dozens of companies in the isthmus.


These citizens of Asian origin also received money from accounts controlled by Gorrin. Between them they added four million dollars on June 9, 2012 and five days later they received the same amount of money again. The following month they received transfers for almost three million dollars each.

These are quite common names within the Asian population so there is no certainty of their identities.


Services Laveglia CA is a Pdvsa contractor based in the east of the country. Its headquarters says to be in San José de Guanipa, in the Anzoátegui state. It is represented by Giuseppe Laveglia Caiafa who, at the time of receiving funds from the Gorrín accounts, in 2012, formed a couple of companies in the state of Florida : Auto Servicios Lague Ca, Corp and Construcciones Gfmi Ca, Corp.


She is a 43 year old Venezuelan citizen, voter of El Hatillo municipality in Caracas. However, its area of ​​influence is in Wellington, in the county of Palm Beach, the same city where the now convict Alejandro Andrade, partner of Raúl Gorrín, established his residence and equine empire.

Rubesa belongs to this circle. Horsecraft, Corp and Adriatic Stables, LLC are companies that are incorporated in this region of South Florida and its partner is Pedro Fernández de los Muros .

Participates in high level competitions in equestrian sport , along with other Venezuelans such as Pablo Barrios, Victoria Vargas D’Agostino, wife of Francisco D’Agostino and daughter of Víctor Vargas, Venezuelan banker , Juan Ortiz, Leopoldo Paoli and Andrés Rodríguez, and as you remember a note dating from 2006 that picked up the details of one of these competitions.

Rubesa received a personal name of just over 50,000 dollars from the accounts controlled by Raúl Gorrín.

This image has an empty alt attribute;  its file name is 0 * 06P7c0vkdssVTsjV.gif


This company was incorporated in 2008 under the laws of the state of Florida and is dedicated to equestrian sport. Horses with the ride of legendary Venezuelan riders like Emisael Jaramillo are owned by this stud that has its area of ​​influence in the surroundings of Gulfstream Park, the equestrian oval of greater reference of this group of Venezuelans.

The company has as representatives Eduardo Jakubowicz and a real estate agent named Yuseth Martínez Ramírez, who practices as such in the United States but is a Venezuelan lawyer and assisted Jakubowicz in some legal cases, including his marital separation from Danuta Julia Zielinski.

The equestrian statistics show that the owners have earned close to a million dollars in thoroughbred competitions since 2000, a figure similar to what the company received from the accounts controlled by Raúl Gorrín.

Paradoxically, the equestrian world is one of the most difficult to hide the identity of the owner of a stud, a haras, a trainer and even a copy, as it is also difficult to hide the records of companies in the United States from public scrutiny. This is how Eduardo Jakubowicz appears in the public records of the state of Florida as a representative of at least eight societies.

In addition to Doble Jak Investments, LLC, appears as manager of Gusmel, LLC, but other individuals are the owners, Oasis 2810, LLC, a firm incorporated in 2014 for the acquisition of a property of the same name, Oasis Polo, LLC incorporated in 2017 , Oasis Hollywood, LLC and Mi Jak Racing Stable, INC, already inactive.

In Venezuela, Jacubowicz has a similar registered name for which it was listed as social security until 2010, when it starts its business in the United States. He was the producer of the Venezuelan movie Secuestro Express.

This image has an empty alt attribute;  its file name is 0 * 06P7c0vkdssVTsjV.gif

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It was incorporated in the state of Florida on January 19, 2010. It is represented by Enrique López Felipes, although the firm would have associated other alternative names. This person manages seven other companies in Spain, according to the public records of Madrid. Lopez received about half a million dollars.


It was registered in the city of Miami on August 28, 2012 and in November it received $ 30,000 from the accounts controlled by Gorrín. It is represented by Luis A. Muchacho, José J. Muchacho and Univa Sport, INC, a company incorporated in Panama.


It is presented as a company with commercial activity in the Colon Free Zone, in Panama. It was constituted on July 7, 2004 and is Edgar Mauricio Bermúdez Gamboa its Panamanian representative and David Maruan, the latter said to be a partner in the David Group , retail distributor of Adidas, Clarks and La Senza Lingerie brands throughout Latin America and the Caribbean . Only one of the bank statements in the Gorrín accounts reflects at least two transfers totaling more than 10 million dollars .


Company incorporated in Panama on November 19, 2004, through the use of borrowers from the Morgan & Morgan law firm. Another firm with the name of Humoso Business Limited, SA was also registered in this country in January 2008. Only one transfer received more than 10 million dollars.


Its director is Hamudi Ibrahim . The magazine Producto in its edition of June 19, 2014 reminds him as “the powerful businessman who took control of the franchises of Zara, Bershka and Pull & Bear owned by the Spanish millionaire Amancio Ortega through his firm Inditex “, once these They decided to leave the Venezuelan market as a result of the economic measures promoted from the heights of the Chavez regime.

Phoenix World Trading is headquartered in Panama.

This image has an empty alt attribute;  its file name is 0 * 06P7c0vkdssVTsjV.gif


He is represented by José Luis Zreik-Koumi , registered company in the state of Florida on June 3, 2006. He says to specialize in “marketing and distribution of mobile communication devices.” It also manages another group of companies all linked to the field of mobile communication.



businessmen-479631_960_720 (2)


In the documents of the filtration, there are imprecise records, primarily because the companies used to successfully achieve this gigantic money laundering operation were conceived on paper, in tax havens and in China or trade secret protection territories. In addition, there are other records of individuals who received transfers from the accounts controlled by Gorrin and his associates, but whose identification only contains his first and last name. Only in a few cases can the identity of the beneficiaries be accurately known.

Another frequently repeated case is the use of abbreviations in the records of bank movements so that those cases in which there was no access to accurate information, will be investigated in a forthcoming installment of The Digger  .

EDGAR VASQUEZ: insufficient information

AMALIA ALMAGUERA: only one person appears in the Venezuelan public records but with the name of Amalia Almoguera, Venezuelan real estate broker, linked to Invalmhouse.

FEDERICO GIRAUD: is the only Venezuelan whose name coincides with the beneficiary of just over $ 300,000 from the accounts controlled by Raúl Gorrín. There is little in social media profiles, beyond a Twitter account in which Giraud follows the accounts of the Globovisión news channel.

TERESINA GIUSTINIANO: He received half a million dollars. He is an expert lawyer in proceedings at the General Consulate of Italy.

GILBERTO HERNÁNDEZ: information not confirmed

GUSTAVO SURIANI PÉREZ: owner of a company named Covering Solutions, SA In Miami, his name appears as manager of a company named Ceratech America, LLC

OLAF PETERSEN HORSE EQUIPMENT – HARAS DEL L’ILE MONSIEUR – DIETMAR GUGLER : these are entities linked to the equestrian world

SIMON ZAJAC BENZACEN : Venezuelan 50 years old, has properties in the south of the state of Florida and in Spain, according to public records.

M GUSTAVO ARROYO: insufficient information. It is not clear to whom this beneficiary identity of just over $ 150,000 corresponds.

WINSTON CHEBLI …: this person received just over 150,000 dollars

ROCCO MOSSUTO PALESE: citizen of the Bolívar state, received an undetermined amount of seven figures (millions).

JOSE LUIS MOURIN VILLARREAL: Venezuelan, 47 years old received just over one million dollars.

EDUARDO CABALLERO M : insufficient information

This image has an empty alt attribute;  its file name is 0 * 06P7c0vkdssVTsjV.gif

COSME J DE LA TORRE : there is no precision regarding this identity. Only references of this name and some address data in the state of Nevada, United States.

PATRICIA GONZALO : confused or non-existent information. He received several transfers, one of them with an amount close to $ 15,000.

FRANCIS JAQUELINE RODRIGUEZ : Confused information. This person received just over $ 60,000.

PABLO VILLALOBOS : confusing information.

“?” … ROBERTO LATAPIA: this individual received a figure close to 160,000 dollars in November 2012.

NAPOLEON GUEVARA GONZÁLEZ: there is no greater data on this identity, beyond an 86-year-old Venezuelan, voter of the Baruta municipality in Caracas. I would have received $ 420,000.

MERCEDES LAZICH: received $ 23,000 from accounts controlled by Gorrin, confusing information about his identity.

CARLOS BRENDER AKERMAN : this person received $ 400,000 in December 2012, from the Gorrín accounts. In the records consulted by The Digger  , only one individual appears with the name of Carlos Brender Ackerman (written in this way), a 70-year-old Venezuelan lawyer.

RAFAEL MARQUEZ ACOSTA : confused information.

“?” … VANESSA PIÑERO: confusing information.

GUILLERMINA BRITO: in Venezuela there are 17 people with the same name that appears in the records of the movements of the bank accounts of the accounts controlled by Gorrín.

A movement of money in favor of a citizen named Guillermina Brito

MONIQUE CHO …: AULT confusing information.

JORGE GÓMEZ EQUINE VET : information not confirmed.

AGUSTIN COLL VALARINO: lawyer of 77 years, resident in the Chacao municipality in the capital city.

JUAN ORTIZ: insufficient information. This individual received $ 150,000 from the accounts controlled by Gorrin and his associates.

TATIANA RUSSIAN: This is Tatiana Russian Russian , a 54-year-old Venezuelan. He received at least $ 300,000 according to the banking movements held by The Digger  .

ROBERTO KULKA : some legal references on cases aired in the Venezuelan courts refer to the existence of a link between ETI-TEX, CA and Roberto Kulka, whose full name would be Roberto Kulka Khon. This person received about $ 600,000 in March 2013 from the accounts managed by Gorrín and its partners.

BARBARA RIVAS: There is no certainty of the identity of this person who received half a million dollars from Raúl Gorrín and his associates.

YASMIRA TORRES DE CORREA : expert lawyer in tax matters, received from the accounts controlled by Raúl Gorrín and its partners about $ 130,000.

EDUARDO SCULL : Venezuelan filmmaker in command of EPA Film. He received just over $ 162,000 in October 2012.

This image has an empty alt attribute;  its file name is 0 * 06P7c0vkdssVTsjV.gif

TOMAS REINALDO PLAZA RAMÍREZ: received one million dollars from one of the accounts controlled by Raúl Gorrín and his associates. A few days later he received another 1.5 million dollars. In 2017, it formed a company named Petro Caroní in Panama.

PABLO ROLANDO LAY …: incomplete information

LA PRECIOSA STORES: It is a shop located in Calabozo, Guárico state. It says to market dry merchandise

PRUDENTIAL FACTORING : This was created in 2012. It says in its portal that it is responsible for managing accounts of residents in Venezuela.

MESQUITE LIMITED : There is no more information about this company.

GLOW GOLDEN CORPORATION: This company was created in Panama in May 2010.

DAILY LATINOAMERICANA : There is a trade in the free zone of Colon, Panama. Insufficient information.

FC MEXICAN CONSULTING S DE RL DE CV : Created in Mexico in February 2012. Although there is no more information, this could be associated with the original name that appears as beneficiary of the transfers made by Gorrín in favor of this legal entity.

SVARAS, INC: It is another mysterious briefcase company that received millionaire deposits. It seems to have an address in New York , number 52 on Barrington Rd, in Horseheads. It is read in an old record that this company was incorporated in 2010. There is another company of similar name incorporated in Austria. This company received 41 million of the accounts controlled by Gorrín.

GARPER OVERSEAS LTD: briefcase company with records in China

PAH DISTRIBUTORS CORP: Society of the state of Florida governed by Pedro Hurtado.

COMERCIALIZADORA Hi5: without information

INVERSIONES NYFEZK CA: without information

BIOMART OR MJMART: The name of the company is not clear

OHANASIA LMITED: Chinese company incorporated in 2009.

RED WINE CA INVESTMENTS : imprecise information.

R & H LIMITED: without information

FArMACIAS LATINOAMERI : confused information not confirmed

PRUDENCE ASSET SA : no information


MANAGEMENT TRADE AGENCY : inaccurate information, however, transfers were made from both the CBH accounts and the other banks with accounts controlled by Gorrín and its partners.


NEW WORLD PERU SAC : has a record in this country with number (RUC: 20543855872). It refers to the public registry that the company is no longer operative and its beginning of operations was on June 17, 2011, in wholesale activities of textile products.

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YAMAGRO INVESTMENT SA : confusing information

SYCO CORP : no information

TWAIN LIMITED : company whose registration appears to be in the United Kingdom in the name of an Indian citizen.

ARGANINE LIMITED: without information

OLENGO INVESTMENT : no information

ALFARO FERRER & RAMIREZ: Law firm that operates in Panama, the Virgin Islands and Aruba.

WHITESTONE INVESTMENT: Confusing information

DAILY LATINOAMERICANA: A store appears in Colón, Panama. The file is uploaded by Jonathan Pérez Altamirano. There is no more information.

TEGUADLA, CA: some court cases arise due to rental disagreements and a LinkedIn profile that reads: “Beatriz Hoyer, housewife in Teguadla, CA”.

FIRST CLEARING, LLC : a company dedicated to the execution of securities and brokerage to retail securities firms throughout the United States, affiliated with Wells Fargo.

ETERNAL RICH INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED: company incorporated in Hong Kong on February 16, 2012.

AMERICA CAPITAL GROUP : many companies with the same name and the legal entity is unknown.

KENARD LIMITED : there are many companies with this name, including some with jurisdiction in Gibraltar. In the Mauritius Islands under the registration number C073366 figure Kenrad Limited, although it can not be assured that it corresponds to the beneficiary that appears in the banking statements of the account belonging to Raúl Gorrín.

TEXTILE COMPANY CARSI : confusing information

BALINA ENTERPRISES : with a protected registry in Panama , was constituted by the Morgan & Morgan law firm whose operation is similar to Mossack Fonseca. It was constituted in April 2007. This firm is being investigated for being a partner in companies related to the most famous cases of corruption in Latin America, Europe and the Caribbean.

MIRACLE TRAD : confusing and incomplete information

APSIS GLOBAL FUND : Confusing information

NOCERA, LLC : Confusing, unconfirmed information

MILLAN GROUP LTD. SA : another company created with the use of name borrowers with jurisdiction in Panama.

OLOM SERVICES, LLC : this briefcase company was incorporated on November 12, 2011 in Brooklyn, New York , just a few months before receiving more than four million dollars in May 2012, on at least one transfer made by Gorrin from its account in the CBH bank.

H AND F LIMITED : without information

NEPTUNO GLOBAL HOLDINGS SA .: Incorporated on December 2, 2011 in Panama through the Morgan and Morgan law firm with borrowers of names. The name emulates that of Neptune Global Holdings LLC, a full-service precious metals dealer serving individual investors, the wealth management industry, brokers and institutional investors.

SUMINISTROS VERMOL 2000, CA : appears as a company that provides services as a supplier-distributor of different products. Its offices are located in the Tamanaco Commercial City Center but it hardly has one worker.

CHRYSLER GROUP INTERNATIONAL : would be the automobile manufacturer or a mirror firm, a tactic used to confuse and hide the true ruler behind society.

IWT DE VENEZUELA CORPORATION : says operate from the fifth floor of the Torre Exa in the commercial zone of El Rosal, in Caracas. A company called Nara, LTD “an international brand of products, services and technological solutions” with presence in Venezuela and Colombia is represented by the corporation.


RUNTONG HK TRADING : company incorporated in China

SAVINGS COOPERATIVE : there is no greater precision in the name

ASOPAVECA, CA: the Association of Producers of Venezuelan Popes. This association appears linked to a Twitter account of Gustavo Bernal. Asopaveca, CA , is headquartered in Barquisimeto, Lara state, in the west of the country.

2AB INVESTMENTS, LTD : paper company incorporated in Barbados in February 2007.

TRIUM BANK: bank based in Antigua and Barbuda

GERBERA LIMITED : confusing information

MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT : insufficient information

STOP & GO, CA: imprecise information.

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PRIORITY CORPORATION : would correspond to the Priority 2120 CA Corporation, which according to public records is located on the Santa Lucía highway, in the vicinity of the capital city.

EQUIDISTANT TRADING : no information

JABALÍ: insufficient information.

CHLOE & CHARLIE CO. LIMITED : company incorporated in Hong Kong

REPRO, CA: This name refers to a Venezuelan company specialized in accessories and spare parts for automobiles, one of its headquarters located in the west of the country in Barquisimeto, Lara state.

LAC FOOD PRODUCTS : insufficient information

MAILLOT : insufficient information

MULTI TRADE EXPORT LTD : According to a public registry hosted in Hong Kong, Multi Trade Export Limited was founded in 1996. The company’s business line includes the wholesale distribution of electrical appliances, televisions and radio sets.

NAUTILUS LEGAL SERVICE: a legal services company in the state of Florida

CORPORACIÓN SAMSA, CA : is another company incorporated in Venezuela and whose headquarters refer to an address in Los Naranjos shopping center, located in the municipality of El Hatillo Caracas. Apparently this company had some kind of commercial activity before. Currently and like almost all societies that were created with the sole purpose of receiving these funds, they are no longer operative. Corporations Samsa survive some images that refer to the company as a distributor of white goods of the Frigidaire brand, among others.

ASTRA INTERNATIONAL, CA: name similar to large companies incorporated in other regions. Confusing information

KOLWAR, SA : insufficient information

INVERSIONES ALCANTIL : insufficient information

INVERSIONES GRANDIR, CA : insufficient information

RATAN FREE ZONE: if this company is, it is a Panamanian company that operates in Venezuela. It was one of those affected by the blockade carried out by the government of Venezuela to Panamanian companies operating in the country, a fact that occurred last April.

LINDLEY GROUP INC .: another company incorporated to receive these funds with jurisdiction in Panama under the services of name borrowers.

BESER TRADING CORP : company incorporated to receive these funds with jurisdiction in Panama under the services of name borrowers.

FELTON ASSETS, SA : company is registered in Panama in November 2006 and was dissolved in 2014.

CEREALES CALABOZO, CA : Venezuelan company headquartered in Guárico state, is a white rice thresher.

ELECTRICAL MATERIALS : insufficient information

VISION INTERNATIONAL : insufficient information

TURBIX CORPORATION : insufficient information.

GREEN APPLE FINANC : insufficient information

GARTON INVESTMENTS : information not confirmed.

SAPONI MANAGEMENT: insufficient information

CLEMENCY CORPORATION: the company that used name borrowers was incorporated in Panama in 2011, changed its fiscal address to Barbados and took as its representative another company named Amicorp, LTD.


LMOR INTERNATIONAL SS: confusing information

SULLA VENTURES, LTD : no information

CALIER CORPORATION: confusing information

TURNPIKE HOLDING LIMITED : there is a reference to a company created in Cyprus in 1994 and dissolved in January 2016. They appear as directors of the defunct company Vladimir Popov and Igor Seminov. However, there are other companies established in Gibraltar, Jersey, and New Zealand with the same legal name.

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CORP PRESILLAS : insufficient information

AMACO INVESTMENTS INC : insufficient information


ANDROMEDA STATES SA: refers to a company created in Panama, created in 2009 and in force to date. Their representatives are borrowers of names. However, the name of the company recalls an exclusive area of ​​the Isthmus with the same name located on the Azuero peninsula.

ROSEL ENTERPRISES, SA : created in August 2008 in Panama with borrowers of names.

KIDS CREATION, LTD: confusing information

PLASTIHOGAR, SA : there are many companies with this name in Latin America so it is not clear which of them received money from the accounts of Raúl Gorrín and his associates.

CORPORACION INMOBILIA: insufficient information

INVERSIONES PASALFO, SA : incorporated on October 28, 2010 in Panama with the law firm of Eugenio Silva Ritter of Morgan & Morgan. It is a company that according to Venezuelan records specializes in machinery for earth moving.

VT SPORT PANAMÁ, SA: like most of the companies that received these funds, this company was incorporated in 2010 and nothing is known of its true shareholders.

GULFSTREAM AEROSPACE : insufficient information.

SHANGHAI GLOBAL TRUCK: operates from Panama. His office is located on the first floor of the Plaza 2000 building, 50th street of the capital city. There are no major references about this society

CG VENEZUELA UK HOLDINGS LIMITED ASSOCIATED WITH GRUPO CHRYSLER : this company has its registered seat in Great Britain. Until 2011 its name was Group Chrysler UK Holdings, LTD, similar to another company that received, according to documents in the hands of The Digger millionaire transfers by Raúl Gorrín and its partners, possibly for payments of products of this brand. Only one of the transfers reached more than 25 million dollars.

TOTE: insufficient information

CONSIS INTERNATIONAL : confusing information, although this company based in Davie County in the state of Florida has a branch in Venezuela. It specializes in helping insurance companies in the use of information technology.

TWINS LIMITED : confusing information about this company that received more than 20 million dollars.

INDUSTRIAS PAÑAL EXPRESS, CA (Ipecac): this Venezuelan company received one million dollars in transfers from Raúl Gorrín and his partners. It also appears in the lists of companies favored by the allocation of preferential dollars controlled by the government at the Dicom rate .

NY 270 INVESTMENTS, LTD: confusing or incomplete information

AIC CASA DE VALORES PANAMA: this Panamanian investment firm received at least 10 million dollars from the accounts controlled by Raúl Gorrín and its partners.

WESTERN CAPE HOLDINGS, SA: a Panamanian company incorporated on October 12, 2010 with borrowers of names received more than 20 million dollars from the accounts controlled by Raúl Gorrín and its partners.

CONSORCIO NAPOLES, SA : company incorporated in Panama on January 13, 2012, with borrowers of names. He received five million dollars.

TRADING FASHION LINE – TOPY TOP: there are no precise details due to the existence of numerous companies with similar names.

RESGUARDA INSURANCE BROKERAGE COMPANY: the company received multiple transfers of seven figures

NEW WEST GROUP INTERNATIONAL : incomplete information

TEMPO INTERNATIONAL, SA : confusing information

KAROO LOGISTICS: confusing information

HAPPY SUNSHINE, CORP: confusing information

RACECA: confusing information

INERGLOBAL YATCH SALE: confusing information

TAGUS ESTATES CORP : constituted on May 14, 2012 in Panama, through borrowers of names.

CHRISTIAN CENTER FOR THE NATIONS: received several transfers for amounts close to $ 100,000.

NASCAR AUTOPARTS, CA : this Venezuelan company received nearly $ 600,000 in November 2012. Its business premises are located in the Salerno building, in the Bello Monte urbanization, in the city of Caracas.

CASTELLANA HOTEL AND : it could be the Renaissance Caracas La Castellana hotel, whose legal status is Castellana Hotel & SpA SCS, but also another company with a similar name in another part of the world. He received fertilizers from the Gorrín accounts for at least eight million dollars

DISTRIBUIDORA YOMOCAM: Venezuelan company located in the second phase of the Hacienda el Encantado, in the urbanization Macaracuay, in Caracas. It is a food distributor. According to his website, “through a strategic alliance with a shrimp farm, Venezuelan entrepreneurs in 1993 started the commercialization of shrimp, under the name of Yomocam, CA”.

ULTRASPORTS INTERNACIONAL: is presented as a company with commercial activity in the Colon Free Zone, in Panama. It was constituted on July 7, 2004 and Edgar Mauricio Bermúdez Gamboa is its Panamanian representative and David Maruan is with him. The latter claims to be a partner in the David Group, a retail distributor of the Adidas, Clarks and La Senza Lingerie brands throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Only one of the bank statements in the Gorrín accounts reflects at least two transfers totaling more than 10 million dollars.

PROJECTS TOM, CA : is based in Maturin, Monagas state and says to specialize in the field of civil and electrical construction.

ZONE BLACK : confusing information

MASTERHOL CORP: constituted on January 16, 2012 with borrowers of names. He received at least two million dollars.

PATRIC LOVE HOLDINGS: company incorporated in Delaware on October 30, 2012.

YUNESCO CORP : constituted on March 28, 2012 with borrowers of names. He received at least two million dollars.

TEXTILES DEL SUR CA : insufficient information. Only mention is made of a company based in Maracaibo.

DIMITRI FINANCIAL OR DEMITRI : confusing information

MOUNT INVERSTOR, INC : insufficient information

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HARBINGER CORPORATION: there are at least twenty companies with identical names established in different parts of the world. The most emblematic of these is a leading software company for e-commerce based in the United States. There is no precise data on the correct identity of the beneficiary.

DUSTIN FOUNDATION : insufficient information

APSIS GLOBAL FUND : confusing information

GREETRAIL : confusing information

CZAR HOLDING, SA : is one of the most favored by transfers from the accounts of Gorrín and its partners. Only one of them executed on June 7, 2012 received more than 12 million dollars. The company was incorporated in Panama on August 5, 2011 and as expected, with the use of name borrowers.

J & K NK CORPORATION : confusing information.

ALTERNATIVE WEALTH GROUP : insufficient information.

ROSLYN CONSOLIDATED : confusing information.

MARTIGNAN MACHINERY: insufficient information

PROMETALCA, CA : Venezuelan company specialized in the steel industry. Its president is engineer Ing. Jean-Pierre Favreau.

EUROMASTER SA : there are at least four homonymous entities incorporated both in Spain and in Panama.

CÓNCAVO TRADING LIMITED : a company incorporated in Cyprus on December 21, 2004. Its registration in this country indicates that the firm is active and within its documents there are numerous movements between shareholders and transfers of the regency to other private companies.

ENGÁNCHATE, CA : information not confirmed.

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